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Caldwell Public Library front entrance

Strategic Plan 

Caldwell Public Library Strategic Plan 2022-2025​




Mission Statement

The Caldwell Public Library provides services and information to connect, enrich, and inspire our community.


1. Strengthen the library’s financial sustainability.

a. Establish a Caldwell Public Library Foundation and conduct a long-term fundraising campaign for ongoing program and service needs. (September 2025)

b. Create a diversified funding strategy by identifying new philanthropic partnerships, sponsorships, and revenue enhancement opportunities. (Ongoing)

c. Increase awareness of the Caldwell Public Library Endowment Fund and conduct long-term fundraising to support the Endowment. (Ongoing)

2. Enhance the library’s community engagement efforts.

a. Develop and implement a targeted community outreach and marketing strategy to increase community awareness of the range of services and programs the library provides. (September 2023)

b. Expand collections to reflect the needs of all community members including seniors and Spanish speakers. (Ongoing)

c. Broaden our physical reach within the community by implementing two 24-hour library access points. (September 2023)

d. Improve outreach to the underserved areas of the city and improve communication with patrons living in area. (Ongoing)

e. Create a full-time youth services outreach librarian position. (September 2022)

3. Expand the library’s marketing activities to reach a broader audience in the community and increase library users.

a. Develop and implement an official Marketing and Social Media Plan that focuses on promoting non-traditional library services, new offerings, and programs. (September 2022)

b. Review brand manual and create opportunities for all staff members to learn about the library’s brand and how to promote in a consistent and effective manner. (Ongoing)

c. Collect and share community impact stories to strengthen support for library services. (Ongoing)

d. Create a full-time communications specialist position. (September 2022)

4. Meet community demand for technology resources and skills development.

a. Upgrade vital network infrastructure to provide a more manageable, stable, and fast network and internet connectivity. (September 2023)

b. Implement a Technology Plan that supports our strategic priorities to meet the changing needs of our patrons. (September 2022)

c. Provide patrons with access to a variety of technologies and classes that support job seekers, business development, and enhance connectivity for seniors, lower-income residents, and families. (Ongoing)

Approved by the Caldwell Public Library Board of Trustees: 12/16/2021

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