Strategic Plan 

Caldwell Public Library Strategic Plan 2018-2021​

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Mission Statement

The Caldwell Public Library provides services and information to connect, enrich, and inspire our community.


1. Increase community awareness and engagement. (Director, Adult Services, Youth Services, Technology Services, Circulation Services)

a. Increase access to resources and materials outside the library building (Ongoing)

b. Engage underserved audiences (Ongoing)

c. Partake in library card campaigns throughout Caldwell (Ongoing)

2. Develop financial partnerships for library programs and services. (Director, Management Team)

a. Establish a Caldwell Public Library Foundation group and begin conducting a longterm fund-raising campaign for ongoing program and service needs (September 2021)

b. Increase revenue streams outside of property taxes including donations, sponsorships, and grants (Ongoing)

3. Support economic advancement and the development of technology skills. (Director, Adult Services, Youth Services, Technology Services)

a. Increase staff technological competencies through ongoing training sessions (Ongoing)

b. Increase technology-focused job skill programs for patrons. (Ongoing)

c. Create an efficient process for connecting job seekers to resources and services. (Ongoing)

d. Provide space for working and collaboration including meeting and networking space for job seekers, local businesses, and supporting community organizations. (Ongoing)

e. Add mobile printing capabilities (October 2018) 

4. Meet community demand for convenient library services and decrease barriers to access by exploring options to provide additional library service outlets within Caldwell. (Director, Management Team)

a. Pursue opportunities for new locations and service points. (Ongoing)

b. Survey users and non-users about interest in additional library service outlets (Ongoing)

c. Identify funding for assistive technologies and implement relevant assistive technologies (December 2018)

d. Obtain a library vehicle to create a mobile presence and to better serve the community (December 2019)

5. Expand the library’s marketing activities to reach a broader audience in the community and increase library users. (Director, Management Team, Adult Services, Youth Services)

a. Create consistent branding for all media (December 2018)

b. Create position for a library marketing professional (October 2018)

6. Provide training opportunities that will enable staff to provide exceptional customer service. (Director, Management Team)

a. Create more opportunities to learn from each other by developing in-house training for relevant topics as determined by management team (Ongoing)

b. Create and adopt a service philosophy (May 2018)

7. Enhance the current library facility by working to make Caldwell Public Library a more welcoming and relevant library space. (Director, Management Team)

a. Develop and implement dedicated maker space (September 2018)

b. Develop and implement dedicated quiet space (September 2020)

c. Replace furnishings and reorganize the circulation area of the library to make the space more inviting (January 2019)

d. Replace and update signage throughout the library (January 2019)


Approved by the Caldwell Public Library Board of Trustees: 4/19/2018