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ABC Food America

Explore food culture and traditional recipes from around the country without reference to alcohol. ​

Recipes from across the USA, featuring 6 regions, 50 states, and 33 ethnic groups.

America's News

America's News is your premier resource for all your research needs from newspapers to blogs, videos, broadcast transcripts, journals and so much more.
Made possible by NewsBank. is a great way to conduct genealogy searches in order to understand your family heritage. It is available onsite for all library users. In this database, there are billions of records to support your search. Commonly referenced records are birth, marriage, divorce, death, and military. Often people have more than one record to trace their life history and Ancestry uses these records to build a cohesive trail into the past.

AtoZ Food America

Explore food culture and traditional recipes from around the country. ​

Recipes from Across the USA., featuring 6 regions, 50 states, and 33 ethnic groups.

AtoZ Maps Online

With AtoZ Maps Online, you have approximately 145,000 maps at your fingertips. This combination of proprietary maps and maps from other reputable sources gives you a “one-stop shop” for content that can be downloaded and used without any copyright restrictions. Notable categories: World Maps, Continent Maps, Country Maps, State Maps, Antique Maps, Historical Maps, Outline Maps, U.S. Topographic Maps, Geography Quiz Game, and Geography Lesson Plans
AtoZ Maps Online is a great resource for local students, teachers, genealogy researchers, hikers, hobbyists, and more.

AtoZ World Food

Explore food culture and traditional recipes from around the world. ​

Recipes from 174 Countries. Classic dishes from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. 

AtoZ the USA

AtoZ the USA is the most comprehensive database for U.S. information on the market today. With the option to explore the country as a whole, or research a specific state or one of five US territories, AtoZ the USA gives you in-depth access to a broad range of topics, including: Official State Animals & Plant, Historical Timelines, Modern & Antique Downloadable Maps, National Symbols, State Symbols, Demographics, Culture & Society, Geography Learning Resources, and Government & Politics.
AtoZ the USA is a great resource for school projects and patrons traveling the country.

Bright By Text

IdahoPTV has teamed up with Bright by Text to send free activities, games, and resources right to your cell phone. Messages are targeted to your child’s age and include information on child development, language and early literacy, health and safety, behavioral tips, and more.

Canyon County Election Information

Voter information for upcoming elections in Canyon County.


The U.S. Department of Labor sponsors this website that tracks wage and salary information by occupation, location, and highest paying jobs.

Congressional Records

Find the official congressional record for the United States.


Would you like a storytime you can enjoy when the time is good for your family? Look no further! DayByDay Idaho includes a new book and song each day, plus activity ideas.


Use these self-directed tutorials to improve your basic computer skills, including using a computer, searching the internet, and navigating websites. No account required, simply print and save your certificate at the end of each completed course to keep track of what you've learned.


Premier academic databases such as History Reference Center, Explora, and more.


Finding All Resources Relating to Idaho Topics -- includes information about natural resources, books, maps, and food.

Find Help

Search and connect to local organizations that can help you with financial assistance, food insecurity, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost services.

Freegal Music +

Freegal Music+ is your go-to music site! Download the app or use your computer to start streaming or downloading your music today. Access over 18 million songs, including today’s top music and yesterday’s hits. Build your own playlists, listen to curated playlists, or simply enjoy an album. All ad-free! Log in with your library card number and pin.

GCF Learn Free

Learn what you want, when you want, absolutely free! Check out our Everyday Life, Basic Math, and Computer Training today!

Gem State Prospector

Gem State Prospector can help entrepreneurs with business site selection and demographics research for any city or county in Idaho.

Idaho Driving Tests

These apps have been created by the Idaho Transportation Department/Division of Motor Vehicles to assist you in developing safe driving knowledge and will test your comprehension of information found in the Idaho Driver’s Manual.

Idaho News Collection

The Idaho News Collection features digital content from over 20 Idaho news outlets.
Made possible by Newsbank.

Idaho Press Tribune

Catch up on your local news with text editions of the Idaho Press-Tribune dating back to 1998. Made possibly by NewsBank.

Idaho Senior Living Options

A guide to senior living in Idaho.

Idaho Statesman

Read the newspaper online just like you would at home with the full-color digital image of today's Idaho Statesman. Or reach back into history with text versions available dating back to 1999.
Made possible by NewsBank.

Idaho Tax Commission

Find information on Idaho taxes and file and pay your Idaho state taxes online!

Idaho Voter Registration

Providing official voting information for the citizens of Idaho.

International Children's Library

Get ready to travel the world in stories! Read children's books from around the world. Works can be read in different languages as well.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Subjects include math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.​​


150 Prime Academic Research and Learning Databases FREE to Idaho Residents.

Mango Languages

Mango is an online language-learning system that can help you learn languages with over 70 options like Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian and more. Deliciously simple language learning!


MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Website for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine.

MedlinePlus Spanish

MedlinePlus en español es el sitio web de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud para pacientes, familiares y amigos. MedlinePlus le ofrece información confiable y actualizada en todo momento, en cualquier lugar y de forma gratuita.

New York Times

Enjoy complimentary access to the New York Times! You will be prompted to enter your Caldwell Public Library card number to redeem your 24-hour access code. From there, follow the steps to log in or create a New York Times account.

After your 24-hour code expires, revisit this page to retrieve another code.

New York Times Cooking

Mealtime inspiration. Diverse recipes. Dynamic guides. New York Times Cooking is an inspiring cooking guide, innovative and interactive kitchen tool, and diverse recipe collection that helps home cooks of every level discover, save and organize the world’s best recipes, while also helping them become better, more competent cooks.

You will be prompted to enter your Caldwell Public Library card number to redeem your 24-hour access code. From there, follow the steps to log in or create a New York Times account.

After your 24-hour code expires, revisit this page to retrieve another code.

New York Times Games

Times Games have captivated solvers since the launch of the Crossword in 1942. Our experts create engaging word and visual games that stimulate and keep the mind sharp. To activate your subscription, you’ll need to log in or register first.

You will be prompted to enter your Caldwell Public Library card number to redeem your 24-hour access code. From there, follow the steps to log in or create a New York Times account.

After your 24-hour code expires, revisit this page to retrieve another code.


Enjoy a free trial of NewspaperArchive while at the library. Access billions of news articles from around the world. Explore your family history and discover key historical events. You can search by keyword, date, location, or publication.

Be sure to let us know if you like this resource - your feedback will help us decide if we should purchase a license once our trial ends.

Next Steps Idaho

Whether you are at a career crossroads, in high school, or at a time in your life when you simply want to try something new, the tools, tips, and information on Next Steps Idaho can help you to take action, bringing you closer to the life you want to lead.

Niche Academy

Find tutorials and step-by-step instructions for accessing a variety of online resources, including ebook services and databases available with your library card.


Find tips in articles, tutorials, and videos to keep yourself safe and your personal information secure on the internet. Information provided by the Federal Trade Commission.


Listen to or read thousands of eBooks and eAudio books from your Android or Apple device.

PBS Kids

A collection of learning materials featuring your favorite characters from TV.

STEM from the start

STEM stands for Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math. This site features lots of STEM ideas, videos, and simple activities for kids ages 3-7.

Sanborn Maps

Sanborn fire insurance maps are the most frequently consulted maps in libraries. Sanborn maps are valuable historical tools for urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, planners, environmentalists and anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of Idaho cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

Standard eBooks

Need to read a classic for a report? Look for the eBook here.


Tired of reading aloud, but the kids want more? Maybe some picture books, read by celebrities, would be just the thing.

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