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eRate Updates 2020

Question Regarding CPL Cat2 Firewall and UPS 470 (Initially 200021683, Reposted as 200023632) 

Responded 2/13/2020


Hope all is well, quick question about the 470. It says Meraki firewall; however, it doesn’t specify which one. Wanted to make sure we sent you the correct one. Below are all the models depending on recommended clients connected to the network as well as if you’d like the security appliance to provide wireless as well.



Also, our firewalls have two license types, Enterprise and advance security. Can you let me know which one is the library looking for?


What we’re looking for is something that can grow with the library. We have about 50 networked devices  and would want to cover wireless as well. Our current model is a CISCO ASA 5505. I think something between the MX68W and the MX100 would best fit our needs (if you have additional insights as to what you believe would be best for a public library with about 20 staff computers, 25 public computers, and 2 public wi-fi networks, I’m open to suggestions)

As for the licensing, the Enterprise would better fit our needs. We don’t need the content filtering through the firewall.

Thank you!

Question Regarding CPL Cat2 Firewall and UPS 470 (Initially 200021683, Reposted as 200023632)


May I ask what speed your internet connection is today?  Furthermore, I know this is asking for a lot, what do you think your internet connection will be like in 3 years, what speed?  This information will help me size the MX appropriately. 


Do you have an idea of what your average daily patron count is by chance?


On an average day we’ll have 250 unique clients on our Wifi network
Speed is 100 Mbps up/down

And yes, three years is a tricky question to answer – As it stands, 100 Mbps up/down is not always sufficient for patrons to stream videos, play video games, or participate in video conferences. I’m guessing we will need at least 1 Gbps, if not more, as more services are demanding more bandwidth.

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